[arch-dev-public] cleaned-up apache package

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Fri Jun 20 08:38:41 EDT 2008


I commited a new apache to [testing]. I have removed the custom configs and 
index.html. Instead I just provide the upstream defaults. /home/httpd was 
removed, too. Instead error pages and images for dirlistings etc. are 
installed to /usr/share/httpd which seem more sane to me.

The were many discussions about the default document root. Of course /srv/www 
would be better than /home/httpd, but in the end I think it's the Arch way 
not to force user to either one of those. So let the user decide where to put 
their websites. 

As a result architecture-independent web packages should install 
to /usr/share. Users have to symlink or set aliases to their documentroot; 
whereever it is.

For now I kept the use of the user and group "nobody" for the webserver. But I 
am not sure if that is the best way. Even apache's documentation advices us 
to create dedicated users and groups. What do you think about introducing a 
http user for this? (We allready have mail and ftp users for this)

What do you think about this? If you think this will break anything, please 
let me know, too. I don't really use apache that much.



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