[arch-dev-public] Welcome Aboard!

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 19:06:30 EDT 2008

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> And another "Welcome Aboard" to Dusty. He's going to be taking over
> the django development.

Thanks for the welcome and sorry for the late reply... I've been busy 
fixing bugs and stuff. (Just not on this project. :P) Hello everyone, 
and thanks Jason for the welcome back... are you the only one old enough 
to remember I've been here before? What happened to Damir? And Tobias? 
And old what's his name... Judd, I think it was...

> Dusty, the above text applies to you as well,
> as you may want to learn the process a bit so you know how we work.

I might also maintain a package or two.. django, python related, you 
know me. I wouldn't mind seeing a subversion django in unstable, for 

> To the other people who said they wanted to help out with django
> development, I'd suggest you get in contact with Dusty, as I'd like
> him to help spear-head the development here, but I don't think he's
> averse to team members 8)

Oh yes, then I can take credit for multiple levels of accomplishment! 
That would be lovely. XHTML and CSS, especially, are things that I would 
be much less grumpy about if somebody else was doing them. But more 
python coders would be great too. Especially since I daydream about 
writing an entire Arch framework in django with unified login for forum, 
flyspray, wiki, aur, and satellite launchers. But I don't feel like 
writing that alone so I'd need to see a lot of enthusiastic coders first.


I have a few things to report. I've gotten used to this code and fixed a 
couple of the simple bugs that were hanging around, nothing major. 
Mostly I've been working with the archweb_pub; I'm still not certain 
what the highest priority tasks on archweb_dev are right now. Bug 
reports that get assigned to me will probably get addressed first.

At Aaron's request, I've merged the newmodel branch into master and 
deleted newmodel; anyone who happens to be running git clones of 
archweb_(pub|dev) should switch to the master branch. You can delete the 
remote references to the old branch using:

git remote prune origin
git branch -d newmodel

Aaron: I've already changed the git repos in the sites home directory 
over to the master branch. Perhaps we should test and restart httpd 
sometime soon to complete the transfer.

Aaron also mentioned that he wants to have an opportunity for testing 
before rolling out changes. I don't have my own public webserver for 
testing so I put some test sites on archlinux.org:

archweb_dev: http://www.archlinux.org:1982/
archweb_pub: http://www.archlinux.org:1983/

You'll need to contact me privately for a password to test the 
archweb_dev of course, if you're interested.

These are both django development servers which means they could be slow 
(single threaded and communicating with sqlite) but I don't expect them 
to get much load. If you forget the port, check the arch developers page 
for your overlord's year of birth.

Finally, since I'm taking over cactus' noble work, I should probably 
mention that I'm not an accomplished consumer of tacos and you should 
continue to forward taco-related queries to him at his home phone 
number. (1-800-eat-taco). His are a huge pair of boots to fill and I am 
honoured to be chosen to do so.


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