[arch-dev-public] signoff: flex 2.5.35-1 for i686

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Wed Jun 25 20:33:50 EDT 2008

Some may recall verison 2.5.34 was broken in a way that broke some 
builds. Jan, do you recall exactly what wouldn't build? If so, I can try 
to build it with the new version.

Request signoff from one other for i686. Full log since 2.5.33 is below.

- P


* version 2.5.35 released 2008-02-26

** fixed bug that prevented flex from accepting certain comments in the
   scanner file (resolves bugs #1849809 and #1849805)

** fix bug that prevented headers for all functions from being generated
   (resolves bug #1628314)

** change yy_size_t to be size_t (resolves bug #1849812)

** new de, nl, pl, pt_br, vi translations from the translation project

* version 2.5.34 released 2007-12-12

** introduce yylex_init_extra; see the manual for details

** introduce %option extra-type="your_type *" (resolves bug #1744505)

** The flex program now parses multiple short concatenated options 
(resolves bug
   #1619820). Thanks to Petr Machata of Red Hat on this issue.

** better checking after yyalloc/yyrealloc (resolves bug #1595967)

** flex now provides for a libfl_pic.a compiled with position
    independent code. Particularly useful when including a flex scanner
    in a shared library and with more recent versions of gcc. Thanks to 
the Debia
n project for the idea.

** SourceForge feature request #1658379: Expose YY_BUF_SIZE in the
         header file.

** flex better escapes filenames with special characters in them
    (resolves bug #1623600)

** a memory leak was plugged(resolves bug #1601111)

** pattern language expanded; see the manual for details on the below

*** pattern options added to specify patterns as case-insensitive or

*** pattern options to specify whether the "." character should match
     the newline character

*** pattern options added to allow ignoring of whitespace in patterns

*** POSIX character classes may be negated in patterns

*** patterns may now use set difference, union operators

** the manual now contains an appendix listing various common patterns
    which may be useful when writing scanners

** some memory leaks were removed from the C++ scanner (but the C++
   scanner is still experimental and may change radically without

** c++ scanners can now use yywrap

** added new unit test for c++ and yywrap

** portability fixes to some unit tests

** flex man page and flex manual in pdf now distributed in the flex

** new ca, vi, ga, nl translations from the translation project

** flex no longer comes with an rpm spec file

** flex development now happens with automake 1.9.6

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