[arch-dev-public] signoff: sudo1.6.9p17 in i686/testing

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Mon Jun 30 22:30:05 EDT 2008

The changelog is below.

Also, request build of x86_64.

- P


Major changes from version 1.6.9p16 to 1.6.9p17:

     * The -i flag now implies resetting the environment, as it did in 
sudo version prior to 1.6.9.

     * Fixed the configure test for dirfd() under Linux.

     * Fixed the configure test for whether -lintl is required.

     * Changed how sudo handles the child process when sending mail. 
This fixes a problem on Linux with the mail_always option.

     * Fixed a problem with line continuation characters inside of 
quoted strings.

Major changes from version 1.6.9p15 to 1.6.9p16:

     * There was missing whitespace before the ldap libraries in the 
Makefile for some configurations.

     * LDAPS_PORT may not be defined on older Solaris LDAP SDKs.

     * If the LDAP server could not be contacted and the user was not 
present in sudoers, a syntax error in sudoers was incorrectly reported.

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