[arch-dev-public] [signoff] major update/rebuilds?: libtool 2.2-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sun Mar 2 14:43:11 EST 2008

it's major update. please test it carefully. 

it also has a .so bump but i guess most packages don't really need it.
please everybody check if a rebuild is needed:

[andyrtr at workstation64 cvs]$ finddeps libtool
PKGBUILD: line 64: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''
PKGBUILD: line 66: syntax error: unexpected end of file
./extra/kde/kdemultimedia (depends)
./extra/lib/clucene (makedepends)
./extra/lib/akode (depends)
./extra/lib/libextractor (depends)
./extra/lib/libgphoto2 (depends)
./extra/lib/libchewing (makedepends)
./extra/lib/libmysqlclient (makedepends)
./extra/x11/graphviz (depends)
./extra/x11/xorg-server (makedepends)
./extra/devel/php (makedepends)
./extra/devel/guile (depends)
./extra/gnome/totem-plugin (makedepends)
./extra/x11-libs/libx11 (makedepends)
./extra/science/texmacs (depends)
./extra/multimedia/faac (makedepends)
./extra/multimedia/xine-lib (makedepends)
./extra/multimedia/libavg (makedepends)
./extra/multimedia/mpg123 (depends)
./extra/multimedia/gnash-common (depends)
./extra/x11-drivers/xf86-video-unichrome (makedepends)
./extra/modules/unionfs-utils (makedepends)
./extra/network/sim (depends)
./extra/network/gift (depends)
./extra/network/ettercap (depends)
./extra/network/mysql-clients (makedepends)
./extra/daemons/mysql (makedepends)
./extra/daemons/courier-authlib (depends)

please signoff. this one will probably stay a bit longer in testing.



NEWS - list of user-visible changes between releases of GNU Libtool

New in 2.2: 2008-03-01; CVS version 2.1c, Libtool team:

* Bug fixes:

  - argz.c, lt__dirent.c and lt__strl.c are correctly distributed with
    parent projects using nonrecursive libltdl.
  - libtoolize no longer tries to install libtool files when libltdl is
    used in a non-autoconf parent package.
  - Don't add the CXX tag to libtool when there is no C++ compiler, even
    if AC_PROG_CXX sets a default g++ compiler where no such compiler
    actually exists.
  - make distcheck DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS=--disable-ltdl-install
    works again.

New in 2.1b: 2008-02-01; CVS version 2.1a, Libtool team:

* Important incompatible changes and obsoleted features:

  - Removed deprecated APIs from libltdl: lt_dlcaller_register,
    lt_dlhandle_next, lt_dlhandle_find, lt_dlforeach,
lt_dlmutex_register, lt_dlmutex_lock, lt_dlmutex_unlock,
lt_dlmutex_seterror, lt_dlmutex_geterror, lt_dlmalloc, lt_dlrealloc,
  - The Libtool and libltdl macros and the testsuite now assume a C89
    environment, consequently do not test for headers such as string.h,
    strings.h, memory.h any more.
  - Fix regression in libltdl symbol exports on Cygwin. Side effect:
    LT_GLOBAL_DATA and LT_SCOPE are now explicitly defined as
    declspec(dllexport), bypassing auto-export logic on Cygwin.
    This tracks existing behavior on MinGW.
  - The libtool script has been optimized a bit for more modern shells.
    This breaks use of the stdin file descriptor in libtool, and can
    break if a different shell is used to execute the libtool script
    than the one it was configured for.
and AC_DISABLE_STATIC have been un-deprecated after deprecation in
  - The macro LT_WITH_LTDL has been renamed to LTDL_INIT.
  - Fixed a branch-1-5/HEAD regression to only link uninstalled
libraries statically with `-static'.  In order to compensate for this,
there is a new link flag `-static-libtool-libs' to provide the previous
    `-static' semantics.

* New features:

  - Fix installation of libltdl so that it does not need Autoconf and
    Automake installed, in order to be usable in another package.  This
    lifts the restrictions introduced in 1.9b.
  - Default convenience or installable libltdl builds can optionally
    be declared using new `convenience' or `installable' options to the
    LTDL_INIT macro (as an alternative to individual LTDL_CONVENIENCE
    or LTDL_INSTALLABLE invocations).
  - New configure-time options to allow libltdl parent project builder
    to choose between installed and shipped libltdl, when invoking
    LTDL_INIT: --with-included-ltdl, --with-ltdl-include,
  - New LT_CONFIG_LTDL_DIR macro to specify a different directory name
    for a convenience libltdl.
  - libtoolize has been completely overhauled.
  - `libtoolize --install' now also installs `install-sh'.
  - New libtoolize options: --non-recursive, --recursive, --subproject.
    These options control the way libltdl is installed into a package by
    libtoolize.  The new recursive and non-recursive build modes for
    libltdl don't require a subconfigure any more.
    The Libtool package itself builds libltdl nonrecursively.
  - The 'nonrecursive', 'recursive' and 'subproject' libltdl build
    modes are given as LTDL_INIT options.
  - New make variable LTDLDEPS for use in output_DEPENDENCIES.
  - New multi-module-loader safe libltdl handle iteration APIs:
    lt_dlhandle_iterate, lt_dlhandle_fetch, lt_dlhandle_map.
  - New lt_dlinterface_register to maintain separation of concerns
    between modules loaded by different libraries.
  - New lt_dlopenadvise takes a new lt_dladvise type argument, which
    lets the caller request local or global symbol visibility from the
    module loader with lt_dladvise_local and lt_dladvise_global
    respectively.  If neither is given, or if lt_dlopen (or
lt_dlopenext) are called, then the system default module symbol
visibility is used.
  - The new lt_dladvise_init/lt_dladvise_destroy based APIs also allow
    caller requests for a filename extension search with
lt_dladvise_ext, and for marking a module unloadable with
  - Allow shell special characters like `$' in source file names, but
    not in object names, to enhance GCJ support.
  - An entire new Autotest-based testsuite in addition to the old one.
    Both testsuites have been made more useful for testing
    cross-compilers.  The new testsuite exposes many more issues, but
    may also be a little rocky on exotic systems.
  - In 1.9b, a new variable inherited_linker_flags has been added to the
    libtool library files.  This variable takes flags that should be
    used by dependent libraries and programs, but that do not fit into
    `dependency_libs' for both clarity and backward-compatibility.

* Changes in supported systems or compilers:

  - Removed bitrotted support for xlc on Mac OS X.
  - Detection of compiler wrappers distcc/ccache and $host_alias prefix.
  - Basic support for PIE (position-independent executables).
  - Support for DragonFly BSD, improved support for FreeBSD.
  - Improved support for GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU/NetBSD.
  - Support for Interix 3 (Windows SFU) and newer versions.
  - Support for AIX 6.1.
  - Improved support for UnixWare.
  - Initial support for RDOS.
  - Initial Support for FC (modern Fortran).
  - Support for Portland Group compiler, the Sun compiler suite on
GNU/Linux, and initial support for the IBM compiler suite on
  - Support for linux-dietlibc (`diet' as well as `diet-dyn',
  - Building libltdl with a C++ compiler has been undusted.
  - On (AIX?,) HP-UX, and OpenBSD, hardcoding has been changed to prefer
    rpath over absolute dependent library names.  This fixes DESTDIR
    installs, among others, on the non-HP-UX/PA systems.
  - Use of C++ templates together with shared libraries has been
    improved on some systems and with some compilers, but is still
    ongoing work.  Feedback is desirable here.

* Bug fixes:

  - Fix libltdl on static platforms.
  - Search paths with GCC on multilib systems like x86_64 have been
  - Fixed a regression that prevented use of libltdl without autotools.
  - Fix error with -version-info on systems with version_type=none, such
    as BeOS.
  - Fix symbol exporting for cases where command line length limits are
  - Improve linking with C++ libraries on Solaris with Sun compiler.
  - Fix installation of libraries that are required by installation
    commands such as `ln' or `rm'.
  - More robust parsing of mangled `.la' files inside libltdl, fixing a
    possible overrun and a crash due to memory exhaustion.
  - Fix compile command line for gcj on MinGW.
  - Some configure variables have been renamed to fix caching:
    lt_prog_compiler_pic_works to lt_cv_prog_compiler_pic_works
    lt_prog_compiler_static_works to lt_cv_prog_compiler_static_works.
  - Fix 1.9b regression: lt_dlopen(NULL) works on AIX again.
  - Loads of smaller bug fixes.

New in 1.9f: 2004-10-23; CVS version 1.9e, Libtool team:
* Fix a regression in 1.9d, where ECHO was always set to 'echo' and the
  backslash quoting tests were never run.
* Fix a regression in 1.9d, where progpath was used for --no-reexec
before it was set.
* Fix a regression in 1.9d, which required an installed automake to
build the bootstrapped tarball.
* Fix hanging bug on MinGW.
New in 1.9d: 2004-10-03; CVS version 1.9c, Libtool team:
* If non-pic objects were not compiled, and libtool is called in link
mode, libtool no longer silently creates an empty archive, but rather
falls back to pic objects.
* When compiling C glue code with $LTCC, libtool now saves the setting
of $compiler_flags from the C tag, and passes those flags to $LTCC.
* libtool no longer dies when concurrently creating directories with
  `make -j' on multi-processor hosts.
* Return type, and name parameter of lt_dlloader_remove are no longer
* Name parameter of lt_dlloader_find is no longer 'const'.
* The API for the slist ADT has been updated: slist_new has been
replaced by slist_box; slist_unbox and slist_sort are new; the
footprint of slist_remove and slist_fnid have changed; SListCallback
and SListCompare types have been exchanged.  See libltdl/slist.c for
* libltdl is C89 compatible again.  lt_dlsymbol type removed, and
lt_dlsymlist structure changed to avoid using C99 flexible arrays.
* Support self dlopening for executables on cygwin and mingw.
* Improved support for linux-gnu/ia64.
* Initial support for s390x-ibm-tpf.
* Fixed some memory leaks in libltdl.
* Improved support for OpenBSD (use rpath instead of hardcoding absolute
  file names).
New in 1.9b: 2004-08-29; CVS version 1.5a, Libtool team:
* The /^_?LT_[A-Z_]+$/ namespace is now reserved for Libtool's own
macros. If you have any shell variables in this namespace they will
need to be renamed.  If you have any macros in this namespace please
rename them to prevent any possible future clash with libtool supplied
* New LT_PREREQ macro for specifying minimum libtool requirement.
  AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL and AC_LIBTOOL_PIC_MODE.  Use autoupdate to
modernise your configure.ac files after installing this release.
* New LT_LANG interface to enable libtool support for a specific
* Language support is now only included if your configure.ac enables it,
  either through a call to AC_PROG_CXX etc. or LT_LANG.
* The libtool script will complain if it was built from mismatched
ltmain.sh and libtool m4 macro versions.
* Like automake, libtoolize no longer installs config.guess and
config.sub by default.  Use new --install option to get the old
* libtoolize no longer supports the --ltdl-tar option.
* libtool script is now created by config.status.  Instead of
interrogating `./libtool' from configure.ac after calling
AC_PROG_LIBTOOL, use the variable names directly.
* libltdl is no longer a self-contained package, and shares configury
with the top level directory now.
* Shared objects (.lo) are no longer created when `-static' is passed in
  compile mode.
* New compile mode option `-shared' prevents creation of static objects
* New link mode option `-shared' creates only shared libraries at link
* If you configure libtool with --disable-shared (or if libtool does not
  support shared libraries on your platform) trying to build a library
using `-shared' is a fatal error.
* New link mode option `-weak' tells libtool when not to propogate
dependency libraries from dlpreopened modules.
* libtoolize installs libtool.m4, (ltdl.m4 if used,) and various
supporting m4 definitions to AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR.
* Mode inferrence removed, shorthand for choosing modes added.
* Specifying -allow-undefined is now an error.
* Speed up max_cmd_len check.
* libltdl can now preopen modules from within a library, and libtool
will accept -dlpreopen options when linking either a shared library or a
  convenience library.
* New function in libltdl: lt_dlhandle_find provides access to module
handles by module name.
* New function in libltdl: lt_dlpreload_open opens all preloaded
* libltdl no longer loads shared libraries with global symbol
resolution, this caused problems when the symbols were intended to be
overriden further up the stack; it is also not recommended practice.
* New function in libltdl: lt_dlhandle_first, primes handle iterations
(using lt_dlhandle_next) to filter by module interface.
* libltdl no longer tries to support multi-threaded programming with
  lt_dlmutex_register(), which was unusable with POSIX threads anyway.
  The symbols are deprecated but exported for backwards compatibility.
* libltdl no longer uses lt_dlmalloc, lt_dlrealloc and lt_dlfree.  The
symbols are still exported for backwards compatibility.
* The lt_dlinfo struct has a new module field that can be used by
* libltdl no longer supports pre-c89 compilers.  Some of the pre89
portability functions had compile time bugs in them anyway, so you guys
can't have been using it :-)
* make install now deletes preexisting $prefix/share/libtool before
installing latest files.
* Extracting symbols from an import library on cygwin and win32 now
* Initial support for amigaos-ppc.
* Improved support for OpenBSD.
* Support for Intel C++ version 8.0.
* New support for IBM's xlc and xlc++ on Mac OS X.
* Finished support for QNX RTOS.
* Bug fixes.

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