[arch-dev-public] Dangerous dbus update for testing

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Mar 12 19:25:18 EDT 2008

Jan de Groot schrieb:
> No, there isn't. The structure of dbus 1.1 is completely different from
> 1.0. Dbus 1.0 has a configuration-validation algorithm that validates
> the configuration before doing a reload, but as the new installed
> configuration is completely valid, but just different from what 1.0 can
> handle, your 1.0 daemon will crash.
> As xorg-server doesn't set the right flags when opening the dbus
> connection and integrating it in the mainloop, it will exit together
> with your crashing dbus daemon, taking down all programs running inside
> X without any warning. I was not amused when I upgraded it on my system
> last monday.

I want to repeat what I already told you (Jan) on IRC: xorg with input 
hotplugging enabled breaks my system and is not needed (keyboard and 
mouse hotplugging work well enough when using the kbd driver and 
/dev/input/mice with the mouse driver). I actually downgraded to 
extra/xorg-server only half an hour after the upgrade.

I say, we revert xorg-server back to the old behaviour until:
1) it works properly with dbus and is actually configurable to different 
layouts than us
2) it is documented in the manpages (right now, hal or dbus aren't 
mentioned in any xorg or xorg.conf manpage, and hotplugging cannot be 
disabled once it is built in).

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