[arch-dev-public] ISO 2008.03-2 release status update

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Mar 14 04:37:04 EDT 2008

Tobias Powalowski schrieb:
> Hey guys keep cool,
> following packages i would like to see in core:
> pending signoffs and move to base:
> pmciautils?
> just a small udev.rules fix waiting for signoff.

I have one pcmcia and two pccard, but I have to go look for them.

> pending signoffs and move to support:
> wpasupplicant?
> waiting for signoff

I think I had a signoff for i686, I can move it tonight.

> fuse?
> Thomas is there an issue atm?
> waiting for signoff

I think that can be moved as well.

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