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Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Sun Mar 16 18:17:26 EDT 2008

bump to new version:
E2fsprogs 1.40.8 (March 13, 2008)

Fixed e2image -I so it works on image files which are larger than 2GB.

Fixed e2fsck's handling of directory inodes with a corrupt size field.  If
the size is larger than the number of blocks found in the inode, don't
try to allocate extra empty blocks at the end of the directory to make
up the difference; there's no point to doing that.  In addition, if
the size is not a multiple of a blocksize, always fix it.

E2fsck handled a pass 2 "should never happen error" by not giving
enough information and then core dumping.  Unfortunately, it was all
too easy to trigger the "should never happen" situation if a
directory's inode size was not correct.  This has been fixed, but
e2fsck has also been taught how to handle this situation more
gracefully, by simply removing the inode hash tree information, so
that it can be rebuilt again after e2fsck's pass 3.  (Addresses
Launchpad Bug: #129395)

Resize2fs had a bug resizing large inodes with extended attributes
that was fixed in 1.40.6; unfortunately, it turned out it wasn't fixed
completely on big-endian systems such as PowerPC.  The bug should be
completely fixed now.  Yay for regression test suites.  (Addresses Red
Hat Bugzilla: #434893)
Updated German, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Sweedish, and Vietnamese
translations.  Many thanks to Philipp Thomas from Novell for stepping
up to become the new German translation maintainer!  (Addresses Debian
Bugs: #302512, #370247, #401092, #412882).

When e2fsck is clearing a corrupt inode's HTREE directory information,
make it clear that it is just clearing the HTREE information, not the
entire inode.

Fixed spelling mistakes, typos, and otherwise clarified man pages.  

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Tobias Powalowski
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tpowa at archlinux.org

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