[arch-dev-public] MythTV & Extras

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Thu Mar 20 10:22:33 EDT 2008

Hi everrrrrrybooooooooody!

(Hi Dr. Nick!)

Is anyone out there in dev-land interested in MythTV setups?  I've got
a ton of MythTV packages I'm maintaining (plugins and themes) that are
kind of legacy from my TU days, which I brought into community with a
ton of votes and eventually came to Extra when I became a dev.

I don't use Myth, and can't really test any of these packages -
basically I'm looking for someone who's actually interested in Myth to
take them on.  Paul has said he's looking at dropping the actual
MythTV package, so if anyone out there is interested, taking the whole
set (Myth + Plugins + Themes) would probably be easiest, since they
all kind of update in unison.

I'm cc-ing this message to aur-general too, because if no dev is
interested, then perhaps a TU would be keen on keeping them in
community.  They seem to be a decently popular set of packages, so I'd
love it if someone could pick them up.


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