[arch-dev-public] [signoff] links 2.1pre34-1

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Sun May 4 22:36:11 EDT 2008

In testing for both arches.

Minor upstream update:

=== RELEASE 2.1pre34 ===

Sun May  4 21:18:15 MET 2008 mikulas:

         Allow displaying large images in xwindow (that do not fit into 

Sun May  4 20:13:21 MET 2008 mikulas:

         Fixed image was sometimes not redrawn, when connection was 
         in the middle and resumed

Sun May  4 17:52:29 MET 2008 Ben Secrest <blsecres at gmail.com>:

         Don't change Xwindow class

Wed Apr 16 03:10:02 cet 2008 Didier Mequignon <didiermequignon at wanadoo.fr>:

         Updated French translation

Wed Mar 26 20:50:32 MET 2008 mikulas:

         Fixed crash in text mode with small window height and bookmarks

Sat Mar 22 22:01:15 MET 2008 mikulas:

         Accept </> as an empty tag

Thu Mar 20 22:47:09 CET 2008 mikulas:

         Accept alternate description attributes for image buttons

Thu Mar 20 04:36:45 MET 2008 mikulas:

         Fixed the bug that when displaying source, some html entities were
         errorneously translated

Thu Mar 20 04:30:52 MET 2008 mikulas:

         Added fallback for &#8209; entity

Thu Mar 13 22:43:48 CET 2008 mikulas:

         Allow multiple WWW-Authenticate headers

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