[arch-dev-public] Repo cleanup / Package adoption

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Mon May 5 21:38:38 EDT 2008


This is yet another repo cleanup package adoption thread. There hasn't 
been much feedback when I last brought up the subject so let's try to fix 
this once for all. This is an important issue.

The cleanup is mostly done. The current issue is orphaned 
(make)depends. I'll repeat the process.

Go to https://dev.archlinux.org/wiki/Repo%20Cleanup/ There is the list of 
orphans and the packages that depends on them. The name of the maintainer 
of the package depending on orphans is also listed so just search for your 
name.  It's as simple as that so it only takes a few minutes. Keep in mind 
that these orphanes are in the repo because YOUR package depends on them 
so they need to be maintained as well. There are still orphaned core 
packages. Of course, anyone is free to adopt any orphans that they wish.

Once you adopted some packages, remove them from the list to keep the list 
up-to-date. You can also post the list of packages you have adopted in 
this thread and I'll take care of removing them from the wiki list. 
Either way, please reply in this thread to confirm that you went through 
the list. That will give me an idea on how many devs have checked the 

However, it is possible that some of you already have the maximum workload 
that they can handle so they can't really adopt any or all of their 
packages' orphaned depends. At least, check the list to see if your 
packages depends on orphaned packages and let us know. Perhaps someone 
else, who can add to their current workload, would be willing to adopt 
some of these orphans especially if they use the package that depends on 
them.  I'm sure we'll be able to split the present orphans workload 
somehow between us. Currently, we just need an idea on the current 
workload state.

In summary, we should ideally get a reply in this thread from every 
active dev confirming that they went though the wiki list and:
a) have adopted all or some of their "assigned" orphans and have modified 
the list accordingly
b) have adopted all or some of their "assigned" orphans and posted a list 
here so I can update the wiki
c) have adopted none or only some of their "assigned" orphans because of 
too high workload or other reason.

Two other points:

I would like to remind everyone that after adding a package in the
repo or moving it to another repo, don't forget to adopt it afterwards in 
the dashboard. I believe that's one reason explaining why several 
packages are currently orphaned.

I haven't updated the wiki list since the last time except a when I 
happen to stumble on a new orphan so it might be slightly out-of-date 
compared to the dashboard orphans.  When it'll be significantly smaller, 
I'll update it.

Thanks for your cooperation,

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