[arch-dev-public] New DB scripts

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Wed May 7 01:56:17 EDT 2008

Hey all,
I'm comfortable enough with the new db scripts to throw them out in the wild.

So, I've placed them at /arch-new for you to play with. Here are some
caveats, however:

* This will not update the website DB. Use at your discresion. Once
these are "approved", then Eliott can move the new-model web changes
out and the front end WILL be updated on a cron job.

* There will be a warning about ~/staging/${REPO}64/ existing. This is
expected. Because we have the arch in the filename, we don't need
extra dirs anymore. Don't worry, the scripts handle it gracefully and
a new devtools release will do away with pushing to the '64' dirs.
Then we can clean up our staging dirs a bit.

* I didn't fully test removal, because I didn't have anything to
remove. If someone has a package to remove, let me know so I can test
it properly. If you try, let me know if it fails.

Neat things:

* This can now _kinda_ create on-the-fly repos, but I locked it down a
tad to prevent abuse. The following pattern should make a brand new
repo with no problem:
   archrelease foobar-i686
   ssh archlinux.org
   /arch-new/db-update foobar i686

Now, this actually requires someone with the right privileges to
create /home/ftp/foobar, because I didn't want 400 repos being sent
out to all our mirrors.

* Should be much faster on the svn checkout and all that stuff

* Uses repo-add which means we get the 5 or 6 DB values that we've
been missing since pacman 3.0 was released.

Now, when I "move these live", the following need to be done at the same time.

* I need to rebuild ALL dbs with repo-add once, just to get some data
for old packages in there.

* We need to move the newmodel code so the front end is updated

* We _should_ release a new devtools, for the staging dir changes

Extra notes:

* All cleanup scripts should be able to function off of a repo DB
file, and be runnable as a cron job. I am going to be setting up
Thomas' ftpdir-cleanup script as a cron job which will clean up all
package files that are NOT in the db. No more dupe cleaning, yay!

* packages.txt has been broken since we moved to svn. No one has
noticed, I think. Should this be done away with, or should it be
adapted as a cron-able task?

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