[arch-dev-public] policy on desktop files?

Tobias Kieslich tobias at justdreams.de
Thu May 8 12:42:55 EDT 2008

On Wed, 07 May 2008, eliott wrote:

> We have lots of bug reports for missing desktop files.  Is this
> something 'we' are doing, or is it something that we should be telling
> users to report upstream instead?
> Seems like it should be an upstream issue to me, even though the
> amount of work for adding a desktop file to one package may be
> small..if we are doing for all packages that need them ........
We had this discussion a long time ago, but back then the freedesktop
rules were neither that tight nor that much respected and desktops
packages just started to build menus around desktop files. So we started
to provide desktop files for those packages that didn't come with them.
I still have an awful lot of packages with our homegrown desktop files.

I generally support the idea to report it upstream most authors I asked
where happy to accept my files, in fact no one ever rejected the idea.


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