[arch-dev-public] Update: kernel26

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon May 12 08:06:40 EDT 2008

Changes are:
- updates to .1 upstream patch
- catalyst should work on x86_64 now
- iotop works now
- removed toshiba-acpi patch. The one or two people who need it should 
refer to this: http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=16934 This is a 
general example of how to build a patched driver without having to build 
the whole kernel
- updated unionfs
- updated acpi dsdt initrd patch, it is still broken though, see here: 
- group scheduler disabled, it seems it causes big latencies.

slmodem and martian are still broken, I didn't get to look at that yet. 
I think about dropping them, as probably only a handfull of people use them.

I'd also like to hear some opinions on re-adding mactel. They have 
updates now and apparently some people have problems without them (one 
report of a non-bootable system, dunno if it's mactel-related).

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