[arch-dev-public] filelists for packages

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Mon May 12 08:55:37 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I have created a script which generates an archive containg filelists of every 
pacakge in our repos. This makes it possible to show a list of files on the 
webpage or implement some tool to search for a package by giving a filename.

I have set up a cronjob (see createFileList in my home dir) for doing this 
once per day. It is implemented somehow incremental, so serverload is quite 
low. At the moment I save the output at 
http://dev.archlinux.org/~pierre/test-repo/. What do you think about moving 
those files to /home/ftp and make them available on every mirror?

Filesize is not a real problem; even with using gz instead of bz2:

208K    ./core/os/i686
208K    ./core/os/x86_64
420K    ./core/os
424K    ./core
3,0M    ./extra/os/i686
3,0M    ./extra/os/x86_64
5,9M    ./extra/os
5,9M    ./extra
120K    ./unstable/os/i686
116K    ./unstable/os/x86_64
240K    ./unstable/os
244K    ./unstable
188K    ./testing/os/i686
168K    ./testing/os/x86_64
360K    ./testing/os
364K    ./testing
2,5M    ./community/os/i686
2,5M    ./community/os/x86_64
4,9M    ./community/os
4,9M    ./community

The file format is the same as the one used for the repo-db files for pacman.

Currently I use this data to feed my webbased package browser, but make those 
files available to the public some users might implement some cool command 
line tools etc..


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