[arch-dev-public] Tygra down - can anyone build catalyst & utils for x86_64?

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Thu May 29 13:22:48 EDT 2008

On Sun, 25 May 2008, Eric Belanger wrote:

> On Sun, 25 May 2008, Travis Willard wrote:
>> Can't connect to phrak's x86_64 build machine (connection times out)
> That's because phrak's x86_64 build machine is dead (hardware problem).
>> If someone could build x86_64 catalyst and catalyst-utils (new
>> PKGBUILDs in trunk/) I'd appreciate it.  thanks.
> I could do it but I don't have an ATI card so I won't be able to test. It 
> would be better if someone with ATI on x86_64 do it. If no one else responds 
> in the next fews days, I'll do it.

No one else hase answered yet.

Travis, do you want me to go ahead and update it or to wait longer?

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