[arch-dev-public] licenses

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sat May 31 01:09:10 EDT 2008

I've started a pet project.. going through and adding licenses for 
packages without them. Not sure how long I'll be able to keep at it, but 
I'll just keep going as long as I can stand it.

I encourage you all to add licenses for packages you maintain, if you 
can, while you're in there updating them. There's MANY packages without 
them (over 1000). I got through finding licenses for 64 packages in a 
couple of hours; they're not always easy to track down. It's much easier 
when you already have the source downloaded and can just look for a 
COPYING or LICENSE file. Cheat sheet for what we call the various GPL 
variants in the license=() array:

     * (L)GPL - (L)GPLv2 or any later version
     * (L)GPL2 - (L)GPL2 only
     * (L)GPL3 - (L)GPL3 or any later version

I just added the license line to the trunk PKGBUILD.. nothing more. So 
you should get these on your next rebuild.

Just an attempt to contribute some grunt work to the cause.

- P

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