[arch-dev-public] pkgstats: first results

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Sun Nov 9 13:04:31 EST 2008

Pierre Schmitz a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I think you all are interested in the result of Allan's crazy idea to get some 
> stats about package usage. I spent some/alot time this weekend to present you 
> some stats.
> At first: I played a bit with gettext and some usefull pages are available in 
> German and English (depends on your browser's config):
> * http://www.archlinux.de/?page=ArchitectureDifferences
> * http://www.archlinux.de/?page=MirrorStatus
> * http://www.archlinux.de/?page=PackageStatistics (That's the one; be warnded:
>                                                    atm it loads > 2MB of pure
>                                                    HTML!)
Thanks for this good work. This is going to be really useful!
Some comments below.

> For those who want to play with some sql queries, I have uploaded a (reduced) 
> db-snapshot: http://users.archlinux.de/~pierre/tmp/pkgdb-stripped.sql.gz
> Before announcing this we should discuss the results and talk about what we 
> learn about them.
> I'll make a start: (topdown)
> * extra and community have similar size
> * more than 1200 submissions since friday. Thanks! :-)
> * installation size varies from 126 to amazing 2800
> * 1/4 use x86_64
> * Nearly 70% of packages are from extra. Nice.
> * Only 7% are installed from community and a similar amount 
>   is in no official repo (Might be a sign that there is something wrong with
>   priorities in [community])
Indeed. One of the main duties of TU is to maintain popular packages in 
community. But in most cases (myself included!) the packages being 
actually maintained reflect more the TU's own needs and interests than 
those of the community. This is something we should discuss. Also it 
will be interesting to compare the figures from pkgstats with the number 
of votes in AUR. I guess they should be relatively proportional, but 
there may be important exceptions.

> * About 2% from extra and 3% from community aren't used by anybody!
>   The unused kde-l10n pacakges are no problem; I create them automatically
> * Nearly 20% of all users (that includes 3/4 i686) use lib32 packages. 
Huh? I thought these are only of interest for x86_64 users, no?

> * There are lots of rarly used packages in all repos
We need to analyse this carefully. Obviously extra and (especially) 
community do require some substantial cleanup...

> * kdemod-kdelibs is installed by 14,26 % while kdelibs fomr [extra] is
>   installed by 34,05 %. Maybe splitting support in makepkg and devtools should
>   get a higher priority 
> ...that should do it for a start.

There are some strange stats. For instance pacman is "only" installed on 
99.92% of the systems that were submitted!! How can one have an arch 
installation without pacman? And how can one use pkgstats without it?!


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