[arch-dev-public] pkgstats: first results

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Nov 9 13:20:09 EST 2008

Firmicus wrote:
> Pierre Schmitz a écrit :
>> * Only 7% are installed from community and a similar amount   is in 
>> no official repo (Might be a sign that there is something wrong with
>>   priorities in [community])
> Indeed. One of the main duties of TU is to maintain popular packages 
> in community. But in most cases (myself included!) the packages being 
> actually maintained reflect more the TU's own needs and interests than 
> those of the community. This is something we should discuss. Also it 
> will be interesting to compare the figures from pkgstats with the 
> number of votes in AUR. I guess they should be relatively 
> proportional, but there may be important exceptions.

I had a quick look at my packages in community with lots (>100) of votes 
and they seem to be installed by at least 8% of people.  So the votes 
seem to work at the high end of the scale.


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