[arch-dev-public] Networkmanager 0.7 preparation and policykit

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Fri Nov 14 15:17:03 EST 2008

I've been working on Networkmanager 0.7-rc1, all seems to be working
fine on my laptop. Integrating nm-0.7 support in archlinux will need
some changes:

- networkmanager uses console/policykit, no longer the "network" group
- wpa_supplicant needs to be built with dbus support
- consolekit needs a scriptlet to emulate pam_console, this makes
at_console in dbus working

In addition to this, I want to clean up the permission mess with hal and
use policykit/consolekit for that also. This should fix various bugs
people reported in gnome about not being able to do things with
gnome-power-manager that used to work with gnome 2.22.

I don't know if other applications using hal or networkmanager are
affected by this. As far as I've seen, all applications that link to
libnetworkmanager should be rebuilt, the soname hasn't bumped, but the
ABI is incompatible, some symbols are missing or renamed.

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