[arch-dev-public] Coming back

Tom K tom at archlinux.org
Fri Nov 28 09:31:39 EST 2008

Hi all.

Before I say anything else - my apologies for not only being inactive, 
but also for not keeping in touch. Life has been challenging recently, 
and remains so in many ways, but I feel that now would be a good time to 
get back to Arch business.

Anyway, onwards. Welcome to the new guys - great to see you here. I've 
been reading the lists, so I think I'm up to date with most things. I 
see I lost a bunch of extra packages in that orphanisation incident - 
which is fine. I also see 1300+ orphans still left, so I reckon I won't 
be stuck for work. :) I still have 16 core packages, so I'll be looking 
at those first. In no particular order:

renaming lzo2 to lzo - as brought up on this list last month. lzo is 
also out of date, so that works out nicely.
openvpn - will need a rebuild because of the above, and is also the 
subject of four FRs in Flyspray.
openswan - our package is 2.4.11, current release is 2.6.19... I may 
have missed one or two there... :P
libldap - we've been using the 2.3.x releases, when we should be using 
the 2.4.x - latest stable release, and all that stuff. This will bring a 
soname bump, so I'll put together a To-Do for it when the time comes.
portmap - rebuild to enable tcpwrapper support, as per FS#7096

I also have a minor BR about linuxdcpp, which is now orphaned and out of 
date, but I'll fix and update it anyway. After that, I think it should 
go to Community, unless anyone else here wants it - I don't anyway.

If I find myself pining for anything that I used to look after, I may 
come looking. Feel free to say "Well, wtf were you when it needed 
updating??" :)

One small housekeeping request: Aaron, could you authorise 
tomk at runbox.com for this list, and tom at archlinux.org for the arch-dev 
list? Thanks.

That's it for now. Good to be back, see you around the water-cooler.

Tom K.

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