[arch-dev-public] KDE: Call for a Co-Maintainer and an unstable repo

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sun Nov 30 17:24:18 EST 2008


I have some KDE related points I want to discuss here:

1) I need someone who helps me to maintain KDE. It develops quite fast and 4.2
   introduces some new features, moredependencies and we need to add/update
   some packages in [extra].

   I know that you allready have more than enough to do. So if ther is noone
   among us we might ask if there is some TU willing to help.

   With some additional help the following issues can be fixed:

2) KDE-4.2 will be released in a few weeks. So it makes sense to start
   packaing beta and rc snapshots. What do you think about a kde-unstable 
   repo? I think it could be live in <package>/repos/kde-unstable and db
   -update should be able to handle this. The size of this repo would be about
   350MB for each architecture.

3) The package dependencies of KDE are goning to be a mess. If you install the
   kde group you will find nearly the whole [extra] repo on your harddrive.
   Some of these deps are only on package level and can be fixed. E.g. kde
   depends on gnome due to some "strange" deps of ghostscript and gstreamer
   for example.

   Having a look at 4.2 this situation is getting worse. KDE is more or less
   modular, but they put a lot of apps in one package like kdegraphics. The
   only sane way to solve this issue is to split some packages. Optdepends
   does not help here because some features are enabled at runtime if certain
   files exist. Support for splitting packages in makepkg/devtools woulbd be
   more than helpfull if not needed. Who wants to install java, php, ruby,
   perl etc. just because some apps in kdebase makes use of the python
   -bindings which iare included in the kdebindings package?

Summing things up, this is a call for increasing man power. I need somone to 
help with packaging KDE (and its dependencies) and somone to implement support 
for splitting packages in makepkg (and don't forget about the devtools and db-
scripts here)




Pierre Schmitz

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