[arch-dev-public] Patching Flyspray is needed

Roman Kyrylych roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 06:56:49 EDT 2008

2008/9/30 Xavier <shiningxc at gmail.com>:
> On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 12:48 AM, Roman Kyrylych
> <roman.kyrylych at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hmm, I'm not sure.
>> I saw a reminder about a couple days ago when I logged in
>> after week offline,
>> but don't see it now, but there's still "Powered by Flyspray"
>> at the bottom.
>>> This bug is still there : http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/9892
>> yep, and it's also impossible to add users to notification list.
> Oh well, if the hesitation is only between and, then
> it does not matter. Both are affected by FS#9892. The only way to fix
> is to use more recent snapshots. I asked a few weeks ago and there
> were no new releases planned..

I still got this today:
"Please update Flyspray. Your current version is and the
latest version is"
so we don't even have the latest stable version.

Roman Kyrylych (Роман Кирилич)

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