[arch-dev-public] [Installer] Reserved-Blocks-Percentage

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 16 02:54:54 EDT 2008

Jud schrieb:
> Hi all,
> -m [reserved-blocks-percentage]
> "Specify the percentage of the filesystem blocks reserved for the
> super-user.  This avoids fragmentation, and allows root-owned
> daemons, such as syslogd(8), to continue to function correctly after
> non-privileged processes are prevented from writing to the filesystem.
> The default percentage is 5%."
> Now it seems this reserved space is unavailable to users and now that
> Hard Drives are massive, this 5% is alot of space.
> Would the option -m1 or even -m0 be a better sane default?

Interesting question indeed. For my root partition (which is usually 
about 10GB), 5% seem like a good value. For my home and other data 
partitions, I set it to 0% after installation. I don't think we have to 
change the defaults here provided the users actually know that there is 
reserved space by default.

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