[arch-dev-public] archweb port essentially complete, please test

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 20:06:00 EDT 2008

Hey all,

I've finished my first iteration of porting the archweb_pub and
archweb_dev sites to django-1.0, along with a substantial rewrite of
several portions of the code, as I mentioned in a previous status
update. I'm confident the porting part has gone smoothly, but I have
concerns that I overlooked testing all aspects (as there are no unit
tests on this project as yet) of the code I rewrote.

As such I'm soliciting developer and community to test both sites. The
more people that break it, the better I'll feel about putting it into
production. ;-) I've copied the current archweb database into a
playground for testing. The two sites can be accessed here:

Public Arch Linux site:

Developer Arch Linux site:

Since I copied the live database over, your developer login on the
test site should be the same as it is on the live archweb_dev.

Once I'm confident the site is tested enough, I will need someone with
superpowers to schedule a time to coordinate the upgrade of django
(via pacman, drop the ignorepkg in pacman.conf) with merging the new
branch into master and updating the live site. We should probably take
the live site down for a bit -- do you think we can pull Eliott out of
retirement for a bit to come up with a downtime message?


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