[arch-dev-public] Possible signoff addendum

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Sep 12 15:44:46 EDT 2008

Thayer Williams schrieb:
> I would be happy to test more packages, but I am hesitant to open up the
> testing repo on my system after having some bad encounters in the past. 
> I've also got an arch in virtualbox, but that doesn't really help for
> hardware-related stuff like the recent 3945 wifi update.
> How do you other devs manage your test packages? Do you use separate test 
> machines or are ya just livin' on the edge? Any best practises you'd like
> to share?

I use testing on all my machines. I occasionally hold back on a few 
updates when I know they might break and I have no time to fix it. I 
usually know how to fix stuff though.

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