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Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Sun Sep 14 04:45:13 EDT 2008

Am Samstag 13 September 2008 schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> Thomas Bächler schrieb:
> > Thomas Bächler schrieb:
> >> I applied the patch to hal and threw it to testing. I had another user
> >> test this: Without the patch, Xorg input hotplugging broke. When he
> >> added the udevinfo script like above, it worked again. I guess all
> >> udev interaction (including Allan's nm issue) are related to this.
> >
> > The patch was incomplete, I applied the second part to blockdev.c as
> > well. Automounting works great on KDE4, but is apparently broken on
> > gnome. If anyone can find out why, I'd be glad to hear it.
> I just spoke to Allan, and the fixed hal solves his networkmanager problem.
Boots fine here, all my groups and symlinks are there,

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