[arch-dev-public] Demise of the dev wiki

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 21:06:15 EDT 2008

Hey guys,

My understanding is that you wanted to move the Dev Wiki pages to the
main wiki and scrap the dev wiki at some point. I would like that
point to be nowish. Why? So I don't have to port it to django 1.0 and
don't have to continue maintaining it. I want to Simplify this webapp
(caps intentional).

First, I need confirmation that this is what is supposed to happen. Aaron?

Second, I need people to move pages they don't want to disappear to
the mediawiki, whether for archival or for future reference purposes.
If you don't have time for this, at least mention any pages that need
saving and hopefully somebody with some free time will step up to move
them.  It would also be nice if somebody could go through and delete
any pages that have already been moved/cloned to help alleviate


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