[arch-dev-public] pkgs with tetex dependency

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Wed Sep 17 10:53:49 EDT 2008

Dan McGee a écrit :
> On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 7:45 AM, Firmicus <Firmicus at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Here are packages in extra that depend on tetex (which has now been replaced
>> by texlive-core):
>> makedepends:
>>       evince
>>       yodl
>> depends:
>>       kile
>>       lyx
>>       latex2html
>>       texmacs
>> I found those using
>>   find /var/abs -name PKGBUILD -exec grep -H tetex '{}' \;
>> so I should not have missed any.
>> There is no hurry since texlive-core provides tetex anyway.
> I would imagine no one would mind if you rebuilt some of these if you
> had the time, especially those closely related such as lyx,
> latex2html.
Well, I don't think those need to be rebuilt (I can just modify the 
PKGBUILD in svn pending the next update), but it could not hurt to do so 
for evince (which I use daily) and yodl (which I had never heard of 
before). If no one opposes I will put this on my TODO list.

> latex2html looks old as heck, their site is kind of funny, especially
> the logo: http://saftsack.fs.uni-bayreuth.de/~latex2ht/

:-) But was that the standard for high-quality back in 2001?
In any case since it looks as though latex2html is no longer maintained, 
I would favour moving it to community. texlive-htmlxml includes latest 
tex4ht which is far superior.


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