[arch-dev-public] Let's use the Maintainer tag

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sat Sep 20 17:35:08 EDT 2008

Hey devs,

I think our current method of organizing maintainership of packages is not 
optimal. One problem is that we loose those meta information from time to time 
(we have 2667 orphaned packages atm). Also the webinterface for adopting 
packages is not the best solution I could think of. You have to adopt every 
single arch and if you put a package into testing you'll have to adopt it 

On the other side we have the Maintainer tag within our PKGBUILDs since a long 
time, but we don't make use of it. My idea would be parsing those tags 
(multipile maintainers should be possible) with makepkg and put those 
information in every package. In addition to this repo-add should store this 
data in the db-files, too.

That would make things a lot easier, more robust (we have all data stored in 
svn) and consistent. This would also decrease the complexity of the 
webfrontend a lot; it allready reads data from the sync-dbs.

And last but not least support could be added to pacman to display the 
mainter(s). ATM it only shows the packager which confuses some people.



Pierre Schmitz

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