[arch-dev-public] Package Colours - better visual information

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 19:00:42 EDT 2008

2008/9/29 Jud <jud at judfilm.net>:
>> 2008/9/29 Aaron Griffin <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com>:
>> > On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 9:23 PM, Giovanni Scafora <linuxmania at
>> > gmail.com> wrote:
>> >> 2008/9/28, Jud <jud at judfilm.net>:
>> >>> I had an idea to improve the information provided to the user and
>> >>>  indicate a clearer picture of the status of a Package via the
>> >>> website.
>> >>>
>> >>>  Package Colours - 6 Major states of a Package
>> >>>  -----------------------------------------------
>> >>>  Black - latest version, all ok
>> >>>
>> >>>  Blue - latest version, bug report(s) outstanding
>> >>>
>> >>>  Red - out-of-date
>> >>>
>> >>>  Yellow - out-of-date, new package in Testing
>> >>>
>> >>>  Orange - out-of-date, new package in Testing, bug report(s)
>> >>> outstanding
>> >>>
>> >>>  Purple/Magenta - out-of-date, bug report(s) outstanding
>> >>
>> >> It would be a good idea.
>> >> +1
>> >
>> > It's a nice idea, but the "outstanding bugs" part would be difficult
>> > for us, as Flyspray is not integrated into the system...
>> > I'm sure we could do the "outdated, new package in testing" part
>> > though. Dusty? Would this be a lot of work?
>> Excepting the flyspray integration it shouldn't be too much work to do
>> it hackishly, but to do it properly would be a bit of a chore.
>> Currently there isn't much of a connection between packages in core
>> and packages in testing, since testing is just another repo. My head
>> keeps bouncing around ideas for redesigning the web package models to
>> support more of a 'workflow' style that would support this and some of
>> Jud's other ideas more intuitively, but right now I need to find some
>> way to get the time for this.
>> I'm also getting fired up about creating a new bug tracker that
>> integrates with the package system that would make some of this other
>> stuff more trivial. I don't much like flyspray and this would be a
>> good start for some of my other plans. But again, I need to rearrange
>> my life so I can take more time for these things first.
>> In the meantime, Jud, can you file a bug report for this so I don't
>> forget it. My memory is getting shorter and shorter these days.
>> Dusty
> This part was cut off all the replies:
> "
> I'm not picky about the colours as long as it seems logical.
> Also, I have filed this as a feature request:
>  FS#11604 - http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/11604
> "

oops, I knew that. See the short memory reference. =)

> @ Dusty - What can "we" do to help you get this organised?

Pay me a salary. :-D

As always, patches are welcome, but I don't even have time to
integrate them right now. In a couple days I'll be taking some time to
knock of some of the 'simple' requests I've let pile up (I've been on
vacation). That will include this one and a few new mirror requests. I
also need to either finish porting archweb to django 1.0 or starting a
new design as discussed above.


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