[arch-dev-public] WTF? i686 support?

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Wed Apr 1 09:15:52 EDT 2009

Am Mittwoch, 1. April 2009 05:20:37 schrieb Aaron Griffin:
> I specifically told you guys that we were NOT dropping the i686 port,
> and you guys went and voted on it without me? This is the last straw.
> If you guys don't fix this now, consider this my last email.

This is just typical for Americans. They tend to be so proud of being one of 
the oldest democracies but when the result of a vote does not match their 
interest they start whining like a little child.

Anyway: We should decide on the schedule asap. People are already confused. So 
here is my proposal:

* We should maintain the core repo for i686 till the end of the year. It's not 
that much work and it would give the people enough time to migrate.
* The [extra] update should be maintained until July; KDE 4.3 will be released 
then and be the first x86_64 exclusive set of packages.
* The [community]-i686 repo should be removed between now and July; but this 
has to be decided by the TUs.

Till then we should concentrate on giving every dev access to x86_64 machines; 
see Dusty's thread.



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