[arch-dev-public] [signoff] coreutils 7.2-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Wed Apr 1 14:51:45 EDT 2009

new bugfix upstream release. please signoff.


* Noteworthy changes in release 7.2 (2009-03-31) [stable]

** New features

  pwd now accepts the options --logical (-L) and --physical (-P).  For
  compatibility with existing scripts, -P is the default behavior
  unless POSIXLY_CORRECT is requested.

** Bug fixes

  cat once again immediately outputs data it has processed.
  Previously it would have been buffered and only output if enough
  data was read, or on process exit.
  [bug introduced in coreutils-6.0]

  comm's new --check-order option would fail to detect disorder on any
  pair of lines where one was a prefix of the other.  For example, this
  would fail to report the disorder: printf 'Xb\nX\n'>k; comm
  --check-order k k [bug introduced in coreutils-7.0]

  cp once again diagnoses the invalid "cp -rl dir dir" right away,
  rather than after creating a very deep dir/dir/dir/... hierarchy.
  The bug strikes only with both --recursive (-r, -R) and --link (-l).
  [bug introduced in coreutils-7.1]

  ls --sort=version (-v) sorted names beginning with "." inconsistently.
  Now, names that start with "." are always listed before those that

  pr: fix the bug whereby --indent=N (-o) did not indent header lines
  [bug introduced in coreutils-6.9.90]

  sort now handles specified key ends correctly.
  Previously -k1,1b would have caused leading space from field 2 to be
  included in the sort while -k2,3.0 would have not included field 3.

** Changes in behavior

  cp,mv,install,cat,split: now read and write a minimum of 32KiB
  at a time.  This was seen to increase throughput.  Up to 2 times
  when reading cached files on linux for example.

  cp -a now tries to preserve extended attributes (xattr), but does not
  diagnose xattr-preservation failure.  However, cp --preserve=all
  still does.

  ls --color: hard link highlighting can be now disabled by changing the
  LS_COLORS environment variable. To disable it you can add something
  like this to your profile: eval `dircolors | sed s/hl=[^:]*:/hl=:/`

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