[arch-dev-public] our FAT support and Microsoft

Eduardo Romero k3nsai at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 15:18:44 EDT 2009

On Friday 03 April 2009 07:24:47 pm James Rayner wrote:
> And they backed down from Tom Tom too.
> There is no way I will support dropping essential things like FAT
> support. You might be able to work without it Andy, but I'm 
> dealing with Windows boxes, flash drives, cameras, media cards, 
> players, that cannot use any other format.
> James

The above article is a good read, and gives power to what I originally 
said and Aaron agreed on. Microsoft is getting hurt with every 
patent they try to sue open source vendors with. They have to 
settle and get no compensation.

Microsoft is weaker than it was 5 years ago, Steve Ballmer has to 
do with it, he is concentrating on the things that are wrong, sure 
maybe someone else can bring MS to the top again, but that is 
very unlikely, Steve Ballmer will remain there indefinitely.

A year ago I was very pessimistic with the way Linux was fairing 
worldwide, nowadays I get more confident that Linux is getting 
stronger and that MS is having a hard time keeping up. What I have 
talked to with other IT's with are only Windows users gives me even 
more confident, they even believe MS is not going to get any 
better, and most of them agrees that Windows 7 is just another bad 

So let's get our hopes up, Linux is going to get better and better.

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