[arch-dev-public] [signoff] less-429-1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 13 01:48:08 EDT 2009

Upstream update:

These are the differences between version 418 and version 429:

    * LESSOPEN pipe will now be used on standard input, if the LESSOPEN
      environment variable begins with "|-".
    * The -D option with one number now means use the normal background
    * Don't change permissions on history file if it is not a regular file.
    * Fix non-ANSI-compliant code that caused problems with some compilers.
    * Fix binary file detection in UTF-8 mode.
    * Fix display problems with long lines on "ignaw" terminals.
    * Fix problem interrupting the line number calculation for initial
    * Fix SGR emulation when dealing with multiple attributes (eg.
    * Fix highlight bug when searching for underlined/overstruck text.
    * New "&" command allows filtering of lines based on a pattern.
    * Status column now displays a search match, even if the matched
      string is scrolled off screen because -S is in effect.
    * Improve behavior of -F option.
    * Allow CSI character (0x9B) to work in UTF-8 mode.
    * Output carriage return at startup in case terminal doesn't default
      to column 1.
    * Fix bug in '' (quote, quote) command after G command.

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