[arch-dev-public] go-openoffice to testing/extra

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Thu Apr 16 16:21:40 EDT 2009

I'd like to bring the Novell "fork" of OpenOffice.org to testing
and later to extra. But it's not (yet) a real fork. More a major
improvement in features and lower packager maintenance. It also allows
installation into /usr instead of /opt. Beside Novell/SuSE also Gentoo,
Frugalware, ArkLinux and Debian use it as their main office suite.

It has some additional features (svg support, multimedia for
presentations, faster startup and kde(3) integration, hopefully later
easy splitted packages). But main reason is faster integration of fixes
and features. Not one additional patch is required to build it :)

See http://go-oo.org/discover/ for more.

I'm still unsure if it will become an additional flavor of OOo in our
repos or if I will make it later a complete replacement of the Vanilla
Sun OpenOffice for ArchLinux.

It also gives our devs and community members an easier way to
contribute to go-oo, e.g. you can help porting for KDE4 integration
that is still in (so they told me) unusable state.

Any objections adding go-openoffice?


(technical note: build requirements are even higher than for vanilla
OOo, 13gb space proved to be no more enough space to build this
monster... - have fun with 'abs')

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