[arch-dev-public] [signoff] sudo-1.7.1-1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Apr 19 04:44:49 EDT 2009

Signoff sudo-1.7.1-1. Upstream update.

Major changes between version 1.7.0 and 1.7.1:

    * Fixed a bug in the version of glob() supplied with sudo that 
affected character classes and ranges.
    * Fixed a NULL pointer dereference when the sudoers file mode or 
owner was incorrect.
    * Fixed a NULL pointer dereference when a PAM module called the sudo 
conversation function during a phase other than authentication.
    * Fixed an LDAP compatibility problem with the AIX LDAP libraries.
    * A new Defaults option "pwfeedback" will cause sudo to provide 
visual feedback when the user is entering a password.
    * A new Defaults option "fast_glob" will cause sudo to use the 
fnmatch() function for file name globbing instead of glob(). When this 
option is enabled, sudo will not check the file system when expanding 
wildcards. This is faster but a side effect is that relative paths with 
wildcard will no longer work.
    * New BSM audit support for systems that support it such as FreeBSD 
and Mac OS X.
    * The file name specified with the #include directive may now 
include a %h escape which is expanded to the short form of hostname.
    * The -k flag may now be specified along with a command, causing the 
user's timestamp file to be ignored.
    * New support for Tivoli-based LDAP START_TLS, present in AIX.
    * New support for /etc/netsvc.conf on AIX.
    * The unused alias checks in visudo now handle the case of an alias 
referring to another alias.
    * A new Defaults option "umask_override" will cause sudo to set the 
umask specified in sudoers even if it is more permissive than the 
invoking user's umask.


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