[arch-dev-public] [arch-commits] Commit in htdig/trunk (PKGBUILD)

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sun Apr 26 05:37:29 EDT 2009

Am Samstag, 25. April 2009 19:36:12 schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> IMO, /srv/http is only for apache anyway (other servers use
> /srv/lighttpd or so, right?).

No, /srv/http is the home of the http user; so lighttpd uses this dir by 
default, too.

> Also phpmyadmin installs into /srv/http. IMO, it should rather install
> into /usr/share and then provide config files for apache, lighttpd and
> other common servers that configure the right Directory and Alias
> directives. Similar things could also be done for all many other similar
> packages.

That was my intention. 


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