[arch-dev-public] gcc-4.4.0 toolchain rebuild with query about gcc-gcj and related packages

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 27 01:12:18 EDT 2009

Andreas Radke wrote:
> To me it seems new gcc is more restrictive with missing headers. 
> Go-OOo failed with a missing printf inclusion. Don't push the 
> toolchain too fast to core. Give us and the upstream devs enough time 
> to find fixes.

Here is a complete list of what has changed 

Header dependency changes:
Some of the standard C++ library include files have been edited to 
include only the smallest possible number of additional files. As such, 
C++ programs that used |std::printf| without including <cstdio>, or used 
|uint32_t| without including <stdint.h> will no longer compile.
In detail:
The file <cstdio> is no longer included as part of <string>, <ios>, 
<iomanip>, <streambuf>, or <locale>.
The file <stdint.h> is no longer included as part of <string> or<ios>.

Very minor compared to gcc-4.3...


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