[arch-dev-public] news item draft: /dev layout cleanup

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Aug 1 23:28:50 EDT 2009

Thanks for comments.  I am going to push this to the news today

/dev layout cleanup

The /dev layout has been cleaned up to comply to the device names 
specified in the Linux kernel documentation. We had some legacy left 
from our devfs days, which has now been removed. With this update, it is 
important that initscripts (2009.07-3), filesystem (2009.07-1), udev 
(141-5) and syslog-ng (3.0.3-2) are all updated together.

The most obvious change from a users perspective is the vc/*->tty* 
transition.  The initscripts-2007.08 update requires adjusting the 
/etc/inittab file to refer to tty* instead of vc/*.  Due to severe 
system breakages if this file is not updated, this change will be 
automatically handled by pacman.  The original /etc/inittab file is 
saved as /etc/inittab.pacsave.  To be clear:

package /etc/inittab -> inittab.pacnew (if needed)
system /etc/inittab -> inittab.pacsave
system /etc/inittab --sed--> inittab

Make sure to check these files after the update and do any merging that 
is required.  Any users who have modified the /etc/securetty file should 
make sure to merge that file also.

I will move these packages without releasing a new filesystem and 
initscripts package so we can definitely get them on the next 
installer.  As far as I can tell, there is nothing to stop these 
packages moving and the extra fixes in git are just "nice to haves" and 
not "must haves".  This way we can release the initscript and filesystem 
changes when needed and put them through the signoff procedure separately.

The actually move will occur after ~24 hours of posting the new item.


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