[arch-dev-public] [signoff] pacman 3.3.0-3

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Fri Aug 7 11:57:08 EDT 2009

I'm running into trouble with pacman 3.3.0-3 update. I've run -Syu in
my i686 chroot and it failed in the install script with the same msg
like now from outside.

Now I can't resolve it from outside with -r. Any idea?

[root at workstation64 /]# export LANG=C && pacman -Syu
bash: /usr/bin/pacman: No such file or directory

it seems all pacman files are gone.

[root at workstation64 ~]# export LANG=C && pacman -r /home/andyrtr/arch64/chroots/i686/extra/ -S pacman
warning: pacman-3.3.0-3 is up to date -- reinstalling
resolving dependencies...
looking for inter-conflicts...

Targets (1): pacman-3.3.0-3

Total Download Size:    0.00 MB
Total Installed Size:   1.99 MB

Proceed with installation? [Y/n]
checking package integrity...
(1/1) checking for file conflicts                   [-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 100%
(1/1) upgrading pacman                              [-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 100%
/tmp/alpm_iSpAFu/.INSTALL: line 5: /usr/bin/vercmp: No such file or directory
/tmp/alpm_iSpAFu/.INSTALL: line 5: [: : integer expression expected

I'm a bit out of clue what to do. A pacman.static would be nice in such case!


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