[arch-dev-public] i'm taking some days off

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Mon Aug 10 16:10:28 EDT 2009

Hi guys,
i'm taking some days off:

thursday 13 - sunday 16th of august I'll be in France.
17-18 august I have off days but will probably be at home

@ dev duties: I only maintain 1 package, and I'm both the upstream and downstream for it so I don't think there are much problems there ;-) (aif)
@ releng: with 2009.08 behind us, i don't expect much problems. And there is no problem that Gerhard cannot solve

The weekend after it I'll be at froscon in Germany where I will meet some of you guys and drink beer with my buddy Gerhard B.

see http://dieter.plaetinck.be/Arch_Linux_2009.08_and_Froscon_2009 for a tiny bit more info


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