[arch-dev-public] Shirts for FrOSCon

Daniel Isenmann daniel.isenmann at gmx.de
Wed Aug 12 02:04:21 EDT 2009

Ok guys, it seems the shop accepted our logo. So now here are the options you have:

- You can choose between a "normal" T-Shirt and a Polo-Shirt

- You can choose your own color
  T-Shirt color: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/color.jpg
  Polo-Shirt color: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/polo_frontAndColor.jpg

- You can choose where your logo should be placed
  Large on the front is not possible for Polo-Shirts because of the knobs!!
    - large on the front, nothing on the back
      T-Shirt: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/front_big.jpg
      T-Shirt: 16,40€

    - large on the back, nothing on the front
      T-Shirt: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/back.jpg
      Polo: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/polo_back.jpg
      T-Shirt: 16,40€   Polo: 24,40€

    - small on the left chest and large on the back
      T-Shirt: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/front_small.jpg
      Polo: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/polo_frontAndColor.jpg
      T-Shirt: 21,90€   Polo: 29,90€

    - small on the left chest and nothing on the back
      picture see one above
      T-Shirt: 16,40€   Polo: 24,40€

- You must choose the correct size
  T-Shirt: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/size.jpg (from the shop: "Note: sizes run small! When in doubt, order a size up."). This statement is only valid for T-Shirts!

  Polo: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/polo_sizes.jpg

What I now want from you is:

- T-Shirt or Polo
- which color
- which design (logo placement from above)
- which size
(- how many? Don't know how many Aaron will pay. Aaron, just one for a person or two?) :-D

The print method will look like this: http://ise.net23.net/shirt/flock_detail_3_600x400.jpg

@Aaron: I will send you an extra email about the complete cost, after all have send me their order and how you will send me the money.

@all: Please send me your order as fast as possible. We all (FrOSCon Arch Team) live in the same timezone (nearly), so I suggest give me your order until tomorrow. Then it should be possible that they can ship the shirts until Friday next week (hopefully).

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