[arch-dev-public] To the developers that went to froscon 09

Eduardo Romero k3nsai at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 14:18:44 EDT 2009

Hi guys,

I know some of you went to froscon, and did enjoyed the experience a lot. I am 
here asking, if any of you developers could write a text about froscon, the 
experience, who you met, and how it all went overall. Nothing too fancy, it 
will in fact feature as an article in the Arch Linux Magazine, it would be 
appreciated if you could have some photos as well. Contact me if you are able 
to take on it.

Preferably a developer, but in the event that no developer can get to it, a 
trusted user could do.

Thanks for your interest as always,

Eduardo Romero "kensai"

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