[arch-dev-public] To the developers that went to froscon 09

Daniel Isenmann daniel.isenmann at gmx.de
Mon Aug 24 04:20:29 EDT 2009

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> OMG, I didn't expect that, you guys gave a lot of good writing that could
> make 
> a very big and exciting article in the magazine, I will be contacting all
> of 
> you, after I get to it and see how we can improve it with more insight.
> Keep 
> at it if you have more material. And Pierre, if you want to write
> something, 
> that would be awesome.

As Thomas said, I have made tons of pictures and you can find some (not all) here: http://ise.net23.net/Froscon_2009

Like the others I talked to different people of other projects. I talked a little bit to some lxde guys, one of them recommend Arch Linux to use lxde. :) We are getting more and more attention from users and other projects. Lots of people was coming and told us, that they heard about Arch Linux and want to know now what exactly it can and how it works. 

I really enjoyed it to met Dieter, Roman and Gerhard for the first time. It's always better if you meet the people you are working with. We should really organize a ArchCon in the near future. You can discuss some things even better if you are face-to-face.

In summary: it was a great weekend with a great social event (thanks Roman for your present ;) and thanks Dieter for your present (I didn't tried it yet, but I will let you know how it tasted) ;) ).

I really looking forward to see you guys on a next event, whatever event that will be.


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