[arch-dev-public] introducing kernel26-lts

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Mon Aug 24 19:34:32 EDT 2009

Today I've added a 2nd kernel to our svn called "kernel26-lts". It
should help to make you less caring about kernel updates. The intention
is to 

1) have a 2nd choice for the kernel pkg that suits better in
certain situations and 

2) it can be a fallback when a reboot after updating the core
"kernel26" fails

more detailed:

1) pkgdesc="The Linux Kernel and modules - stable longtime supported
kernel package suitable for servers"

The current longtime supported kernel version is 2.6.27.xx, right now
we are at The pkgdesc should clearly say what it should
become in the future. Server systems won't be forced to take the risk
to fail on the next boot after each kernel update. Modifications will
be very small in the future within its lifecycle. The kernel
configuration is based on the last .27.x config form our core pkg with
small changes it has become in later versions + optimizations for
server usage taken from here:

main changes are: 100Hz, no preempt, deadline I/O schedular.

There will be no 3rd party modules. And no further patching.

2) a fallback kernel für almost everybody: a long requested feature.
Everybody can install it along the core "kernel26" pkg and add
lilo/grub entries for the "lts" kernel. Whenever an update of a future
kernel26 will fail you won't be forced to boot with a rescue stick or
cd. This should help a lot.

attention: 2.6.27 kernel haven't had full ext4 support. I myself run a
desktop with an ext4 / partition created with a later kernel version.
the "lts" kernel is not capable to boot into this filesystem! But on
real servers I guess everybody will wait a bit longer to use ext4.

For the future it is planned to probably add Xen support to this or an
outsplitted pkg.

I will upload packages for both architectures to testing over the next
days. Please discuss when you want see changes to the config file
(x86_64 is done, i686 is not ready so far). 


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