[arch-dev-public] [signooff] xz-utils 4.999.9beta-1

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Aug 27 18:12:14 EDT 2009

Pierre Schmitz schrieb:
> Please sign off for new upstream version. This fixes e.g. data corruption:
>> XZ Utils 4.999.9beta was released on 2009-08-27. Among many less important
>> changes, this release fixes a data corruption in the compression code.
>> Everyone using an older version of XZ Utils should upgrade.
>> This is the last beta release before XZ Utils 5.0.0. No big changes are
>> planned before the first stable release.

Just a reminder, there's still a bug in libarchive that prevents xz/lzma 
from being supported properly (archives compressed manually with xz -9 
fail to decompress). This bug is fixed, but no new libarchive has been 
released since then. Everybody said fixing it isn't worth it, as a new 
libarchive would be released "soon".

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