[arch-dev-public] Punishment needed for not building in a chroot

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Dec 6 22:00:47 EST 2009

Paul Mattal wrote:
> I should have another fast x86_64 build box at my disposal soon. My 
> laptop is still running i686, which I sometimes still need for some 
> things. Can I switch *just* to the x86_64 kernel but leave the rest 
> i686? Then I could use it to build both. This somehow seems like a bad 
> idea, but maybe that's just because I'm too tired at the moment to think 
> through all the possible bad things that could happen.

I run the x86_64 kernel on i686:

You will also need (at least) aufs2 packages from x86_64:

 > pacman -Slq kernel64

It does have its issues...


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