[arch-dev-public] kernel-2.6.27-lts possible changes?

Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Wed Dec 16 16:10:49 EST 2009

Hi guys,
just looked at kernel26-lts PKGBUILD and config files.

I have locally modified it to also split the headers out from standard 
package, as the stock kernel PKGBUILD does.

- Adding xen pvops would make sense on a so called server kernel.
I can't test this myself but according to the link above i guess it's safe to 
enable it. It's now also enabled in .32 kernel 64 bit kernel.

- Since the last pkgver it is possible now to build binary modules against 
   the lts kernel, without the need of rebuilding them on every small bump.
Imho it would make sense to provide the same binary modules for this kernel as 
we do for the stock kernel.

Do you have any other thoughts or objections?

If i get some input from you and you agree to the above, i could put this 
stuff tomorrow to testing repository.

Tobias Powalowski
Archlinux Developer & Package Maintainer (tpowa)
tpowa at archlinux.org
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