[arch-dev-public] Xorg changes / DRM modules

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Mon Dec 21 17:35:12 EST 2009

I've updated the git packages for nouveau and ati ddx driver packages
in testing.

I also updated the nouveau-drm package. This required to add the new
nouveau-firmware package. It will be also needed to use kernel
nouveau-drm module that will be introduced with kernel 2.6.33. I will
keep updating the separate nouveua-drm module for a while to get
features and fixes faster than in Linus tree. The firmware will
probably also result in loading issues in early kms mode. We might
think about recommending late mode for now.

libdrm has been updated to 2.4.17 - this is breaking all radeon 3d
stuff and will require changes in MESA when I understand the
upstream devs right. Mesa7.7 is expected in a few days anyways and
should make Radeon 3d stuff working again after a few late commits
(7.7rc4 doesn't build with new libdrm). Other drivers should still
work. Please test them.

Radeon kms is still buggy like hell and unusable for my RC410 [Radeon
Xpress 200M] card. It makes X and the whole system freeze instantly when
moving windows around or when I try to start 3d apps. Sometimes even
at Xorg start at all. This has been introduced with 2.6.32
kernels. Upstream recommends to try the various drm trees:


Any opinions from other ati users what branch is the most stable and
useful these days? I'm thinking about adding a radeon-drm kernel module
package to solve the tons of speed and stability issues.

As already written on the closed devel list, I'd like to get help for
these packages from other devs and community members. Whoever is well
informed in Xorg/kernel drm development and wants to help to stabilize
our drivers please contact me.


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